Art Advisory

For many people, buying art is a daunting task: the prices can be intimidating and the vast number of artists and artworks in the marketplace can be overwhelming.

Deborah Goodman Davis simplifies the experience with a full range of art consulting and advisory services. These services include:

  • Guidance in creating an overall vision for a collection
  • Sourcing artworks of the highest quality
  • Advice on value, quality, and suitability of potential purchases
  • Overseeing all aspects of a purchase including coordinating professional shipping, framing, and installation
  • Collection management
    • Cataloguing
    • Documentation
    • Insurance
    • Loan administration
  • Artwork conservation and restoration
  • Valuations
  • Private sales
  • Access to artists’ studios
  • Gallery and museum tours

Our goal is to achieve a unique collection that reflects your very personal aesthetic preferences, represents a sound investment and respects your budget.

We believe living and working with art is a life-enhancing privilege. We hope you will let us share that privilege with you.