Why Use an Art Advisor?

Art advisors provide new and experienced collectors with professional services that include research and analysis, art purchase, and collection management. Working with a professional advisor offers many benefits and helps avoid costly collecting mistakes.

An Art Advisor

  • Offers a strong knowledge of art and art history, and a thorough understanding of the international art market.
  • Simplifies the experience of collecting art by doing research on your behalf and presenting you with only the highest quality works that meet your tastes and budget.
  • Will guide you in making sound acquisitions that will hold or increase in value over the long term.
  • Knows the current market values and will negotiate pricing on your behalf.
  • Will identify undervalued and emerging artists before their prices get beyond reach.
  • Offers objective advice. With no direct ties to a particular artist or gallery, and no inventory of art for sale. Your tastes and interests are the only priority.
  • Educates you about current trends in the art world and guides you to works that will hold long-term value.
  • Will introduce you to new galleries and artists that you might never discover on your own.
  • Will coordinate shipping and installation after a purchase to ensure the work is optimally displayed and enjoyed.